Obado rubbish EACC report placing Migori amongst most corrupt counties in Kenya

Gov. Okoth Obado, a worried man

By MN Reporter

Migori governor Okoth Obado has angrily rubbished a survey anti-corruption agency placing Migori among most corrupt counties in Kenya, and top in Nyanza.

He termed the report as “rubbish and primitive that should not waste public space and time.”

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The National Ethics and Corruption Survey 2018 recently released by Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) places Migori as number 16 nationally with residents likely to pay an upward of Sh3,311 in bribe.

Nationally Migori was fifth in the average time a bribe is demanded and second in average time a bribe is paid, making it the most corrupt county in Nyanza region.

“It is very disappointing, they (EACC) need to be held accountable especially on the methodology they used to make up the data,” Obado said.

EACC, together Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) said the survey is “to inform the anti-corruption strategy in the country,” carried in all 47 counties where 5,942 households and 10 special respondents were surveyed.

The survey was carried out between November 16 and December 19 last year.

Obado said EACC was more corrupt and should first carry an internal survey “to tell us the level of corruption in EACC themselves.”

“Their opinion polls are baseless, unless they are the ones who come to take bribes in Migori and compared it with other bribes they collect elsewhere to give the ranking,” he said.

He claimed that personally together with his staff in Migori county government they do not take bribes.