Obado on Rusana’s back like a smiling monkey will dent his 2022 governor ambition- Masara

Suna West MP Peter Masara and County Secretary Christopher Rusana

By MN Reporter

Suna West MP Peter Masara has advised Migori county secretary Christopher Rusana to consider resigning if he is to take his 2022 governor ambition seriously.

Rusana and Masara hail from the same constituency and Rusana has already launched his 2022 ambition to replace his boss Okoth Obado.

“Rusana you are a good time, but each time you defend a failed leadership you risk losing out on any ambition you might have in the next general election,” Masara said.

According to the legislator, Rusana is having the baggage of Obado image on his back, like the proverbial smiling monkey had to ignore, each time he talks about his ambition.

“You should resign, wash your hands of the current leadership before 2022,” Masara said.

The two leaders spoke at Oruba estate in Migori town on Friday during the funeral ceremony of Mzee Disco.

Rusana who rose earlier to speak lauded Obado’s development record, saying that the late Disco was key in ensuring  the governor gets a second chance at leadership.

When he said that the public did not recognise Sh10,000 funeral donation from Obado, Masara retorted that the ground was hostile against the governor.

“You see when you gave out the donation nobody even noticed, in Oruba we are not so poor we just need good service delivery which you have failed to do,” Masara said.