Obado, lawyers confident of a resounding win in Ochilo election petition case

Migori governor Okoth Obado (C) takes the oath of office after being re-elected. Judge Judge Reuben Nyakundi (R) and magistrate Richard Odenyo help in the process

By MN Reporter
Migori Governor Okoth Obado and his lawyers are confident of winning an election petition challenging his election in the August 8 election.

Governor aspirant Ochilo Ayako who was also present for the mention today had petitioned Obado’s win citing massive irregularities and illegalities and is seeking the annulment of his election.

Speaking to Migori residents who had accompanied Obado for the mention of the case today at Migori high court, Obado’s lawyer Rodgers Sagana said challenging a win with such a huge margin was laughable.

“We are very confident as this year the governor was declared the winner with over a hundred thousand vote’s margin from the petitioner who came second,” Sagana said.

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The lawyer pegged his confidence on the 2013 election petition case win where the governors win with a margin of 170 votes.

Governor Obado expressed confidence in his team of lawyer and the court and asked the residents to maintain calm and let the courts do their work.

“Let us all remain calm and wait for October 10, 2017 when the hearing will begin,” Obado said.

He added: “ I am very very (sic) confident in this team and the judges here and I know we will win.”

Governor Obado will also be represented by Lawyer Elvis Ondieki and Lawyer Margaret Okeno.