Obado doesn’t own Kuria votes in his pocket, we’ll pick senator of our choice- Kitayama

Kuria East MP Marwa Kitayama

By MN Reporter

Kuria East MP Marwa Kitayama has said claims that governor Okoth Obado own Kuria votes in his pocket are false, and the community will make it known on October 3 senator by-elections.

The claims of the governor owning the votes in his pocket has been used by political analysts to point that Obado’s preferred candidate former Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno will win easily in Kuria.

Dalmas will vie on National Liberal Party ticket, with giraffe as a symbol, against other aspirants with former cabinet minister Ochillo Ayacko being his main challenger.

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“We know of people who have been going around in Migori telling others they own Kuria votes in their pockets, tell them they are daydreaming,” Kitayama said on a funds drive at St. Celestino Nyangubo Girls in Suna West.

Kitayama said the Kuria community will not be used a bridge to further personal political ambition while their plight are not dealt with.

In 2013 over 90 per cent of Kuria voters threw their cast on Obado when he picked Mwita Mahanga as his deputy, a fete they repeated in 2017.

Kitayama said in both instances the community became Obado’s stronghold, but is yet to benefit from county government through skewed municipal allocations and stalled projects.

“As Kuria we have not said who we will vote for, all senator candidates are free to seek votes with us and don’t be threatened by fake ownership,” Kitayama said.

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The legislator said the community’s 86,000 votes will go to a single candidate as a bloc only of they will safeguard the community’s rights/

“We are a small community and to survive we need to lay our strategy which we will do in the by-elections,” he said.