Obado defends his referendum stance amid criticism

Migori county governor Okoth Obado has refuted claims that he is not supporting the referendum.

Obado has faced strong criticism from MCAs and several county leaders over his perceived wavering support for the plebiscite.

Through a press statement, Obado insisted he supports referendum which he said “will address salient issues which are instrumental to the development of this country.”

He also denied claims that he is getting pressure from unnamed quarters to withdraw his support for referendum.

“Issue of referendum is not a party affiliation affairs but for the benefit of all Kenyans,” the statement said.

Obado was among county leaders who skipped official launch of Okoa Kenya drive at Kadika Primary School by Cord Leader Raila Odinga.

But chairman of Cord MCAs in assembly Abedi Maroa and Uriri politician Bernard Omondi Gwonyo have said Obado should come out clear over his stance.

Abedi said the assembly has a majority of Cord MCA and the push for plebiscite will go on and its tabled in the assembly “it will be passed in less than three minutes flat.”

Speaking to Migori News Women Representative Dennitah Ghati said she fully supports referendum call.

“Migori county is a referendum zone and any leader wavering in support is inconsequential to our push,” she said.