Obado condemns Lady Maureen mourners over Covid 19, bans slaughtering of bulls in funerals

Armed police look on as Gor Mahia fan and Lady AMureen mourners overrun them at Kopanga village

By MN Reporter

Migori governor Okoth Obado has banned slaughtering of bulls and goats in funerals as a measure to maintain social distance to prevent spread of Covid 19.

Obado also condemned mourners who attended ohangla queen Lady Maureen’s funeral in Kopanga village in Migori for breaking Covid 19 rules.

Obado said mourners, mostly from Nairobi and those who crossed over from Tanzania refused to offer any social distance or wear face masks.

“This is the last time we will have such funeral where Covid 19 rules are broken in Migori, a funeral will have a maximum of 15 people in attendance and no bull or goats will be slaughtered,” Obado said.

He said under his watch, he will never allow “bulls and goats to be slaughtered hopelessly. When a victim dies at home they will never be taken to a morgue and burial will be done within 48 hours,”

He warned he will revoke business permits for mortuaries in Migori which still admin bodies from outside.

“When somebody dies at home he should be buried within 48 hours,” Obado said.