Nyatike man hacks chief after his son is implicated in theft

By MN Reporter

A deranged Nyatike man attacked Amoyo sub location assistant chief Lilian Atieno Dolla after she linked his son over Sh400 theft.

Dolla is nursing injuries at St Camillus hospital in Karungu after being hacked by the man after she called the suspect to her office.

The administrator had received a report that a pupil from Amoyo academy school in Muhuru bay Nyatike Sub County lost his school fees worth Ksh.400 on his way to school.
The pupil said two of his colleagues had waylaid him and took the money.

“I contacted Naphtali Okumu as his child was accused. He was to help us established some truth unfortunately he became vicious attacked me,” she said.

The chief said the man threatened to kill her before attacking her with a panga in the hands before she was rescued by the public.

“I ordered some village administrators to arrest the man but they declined saying he has a mental problem,” she said.

She reported the matter at Macalder Police station for further investigations.