Nyatike boda boda riders demo, chase traffic officers from Macalder road bloc

Boda boda operators demonstrate on blocked road

By MN Reporter

Nyatike boda boda riders paralysed transport services along Migori-Osiri road after chasing away traffic police officers at Macalder road bloc.

They used boulders to block the busy road an called on Inspector General of  Police Hillary Mutyambai  to intervene  and transfer the officers for harassing and demanding bribes from them.

Sylvance Oluoch Nyatike boda boda chairman said his members cannot pay for basic commodities following the high amount of money being collected by the police on a daily basis.

“Transporting a customer from Migori to Nyatike crossing River Migori bridge where road block is placed by the police is very hectic and one must pay a bribe for you to proceed with you journey,” said Oluoch.

Nyatike police boss Stellar Too told the riders not to pay any bribe to the police and urged them to report to her officers demanding money from them.

She road blocks were important security measures for fighting crime and will not be removed as they demanded.

“We are asking you to report any corruption issues to our officers if any of our officers are asking you money on the road, but you must also adhere to the traffic rules and regulation for you to operate your boda boda business,” said Too.

She said the same road block the riders wanted to be removed had helped the police to recover their stolen motor cycles.