NASCOP should enforce special de-briefing sessions for counselors to end burnout- Linet Okore, Rhaphen director

Rhaphen Institute

By MN Reporter

Rhaphen Institute director within Migori town has called on the National AIDS and STI’s Control Programme (NASCOP) to re-enforce counseling for those providing HIV and STI counseling to end burnout.

Linet Okore, in a special interview with Migori News, said NASCOP which was established in 1987 by Ministry of Health to fight HIV and STI in the country has helped streamline counseling in the country.

“The same way NASCOP has managed to streamline counseling in the country with established courses, it can enforce counselors’ support supervision in organisations and partners to end burnout,” Okore said.

She said many counselors have been faced with burden of clients and patients in their lives, and NASCOP should ensure partners in project provide “routine checks and counseling sessions to counselors in organisations,” an exercise she said has declined.

She said because of inadequate counselors’ support supervision has resulted to compromised quality of counseling in HTS by service providers.

Rhaphen is a NASCOP certified trainer in Migori town offering training on HTS, Adherence and counseling to organisations, individuals and institutions.

“By training with Rhaphen we have help our graduates get job placement as they get direct NASCOP training and help ensure high standard of counseling services offered,” she said.

The institute is found within Migori Town on your way to Wasio just off Migori-Kisii road in Banana estate