My rivals should know there is no social media polling center in Kuria East, Kitayama insists against Kemege and Mwera onslaught

From left: Ntimaru East MCA Augustine Mwera, Kuria East MP Marwa Kitayama and aspirant Tyson Kemege

By MN Reporter

Kuria East MP Marwa Kitayama has told off his political rivals ahead of 2022 general election that there is no polling station in the constituency called social media.

Kitayama said his rivals have resorted to use social media to attack his development record while ignoring talking to residents directly.

“There is no polling center in Kuria East called social media, i don’t know facebook. Let them come as i will defend my seat, i will still trounce them again,” he vowed.

He was speaking in Ntimaru town when he faced a barrage of criticism from from Tyson Kemege and aspirant and Ntimaru East MCA Augustine Mwera.

“You expect me to finish every project within two years? Even if it’s a donkey, you load it with what it can carry. If the load is 100 bags, you make it carry two bags at a time until it finishes,” Kitayama said.

Mwera who spoke first during a funeral said the legislator had neglected areas of the constituency and refused to build new sub-county headquarters for Ntimaru.

“I have been at the fore-front in giving Kitayama positive criticism in public, i will only stop and follow him if he builds the new sub-county headquarters in Ntimaru town,” Mwise said.

“There is some one million that has been waited for almost five years to complete an office that should be housing a D.O. The office that the D.C is using is the D.O’s office,” Mwise added.

Kemege on his part said Kitayama has been hyping his education in engineering and project management which “is just a unit i did in my master degree.”

“We have some schools in Kuria East which only see development on ViuSasa, bursary allocation have been eratic and this are issues we will tackle when i am voted in in 2022,” Kemege insisted.

“Let him deliver the development projects he promised in 2019 and give bursaries to children in Kuria. You promised Sh6 million for Butaraka schools. It is in a dilapidated state, yet you claim to have done development in all the sub-county’s polling stations,” Kemege said.

He added: “Butaraka is a polling station. Which development have you done in Butaraka where toilets are falling off”.

The leaders spoke at the burial of Ntimaru West’s MCA Francis Boke’s wife on Thursday evening.

But Kitayama called on the two to avoid social media and funeral politics and face him at a public baraza in Ntimaru town on March 5.