My political rivals delayed Migori handing BBI decision to parliament- Boaz

Migori speaker Boaz Okoth during the press conference

By MN Reporter

Migori speaker Boaz Okoth has said political rivals instigated the delay of handing over assembly decision on Constitution Amendment Bill, 2020 to blame him.

Speaking to Migori News in his office, Okoth said his political nemesis instigated the decision to embarrass Migori move to pass the bill in ‘Super Tuesday’ on February 23.

“I was shocked together with MCAs when we saw on social media that our verdict was relayed late in both national assembly and senate was only handed over on March 2,” he said.

He said he signed the decision on the same day, February 23, when the decision was passed and the same handed over to the assembly legal department.

“I signed my communication as the speaker to the senate and national assembly on February 23 and handed the same over to our legal department, we are shocked it handed over late,” Okoth said.

He was speaking while flanked by Peter Mijungu, West Kanyamkago MCA and Kevins Keke the South Kamagambo MCA and Majority Chief Whip.

“This lateness is very embarrassing and unfortunate, I see the hand of our political detractors in this delay,” Okoth said.

Several social media users castigated the lateness.

Keke and Mijungu said they will investigate the matter internally and offer administrative action.