My name, stand-off with Obado feeding Sangwenyas- Masara

HAPPY TIMES: Migori governor Okoth Obado (C), his Personal Assitant Caspal Obiero (R) and Suna West MP Peter Masara chat at governor office in past meeting

By MN Reporter

Suna West MP Peter Masara has said that his name has been used to get money from Migori governor Okoth Obado after putting his administration to task.

Masara said since he started question why hospitals in Migori lack medicine and equipment or poor town services, Sangwenya- a band associated with Obado have been using his name to collect handouts.

“I know that each function I attend Obado’s Sangwenya team always come to report back on the governor, continue using my name to get handouts and will ensure each time you get rent and food to eat,” Masara said.

He said he does not hold any personal difference with the governor, but each time residents complain of poor service delivery he has to talk.

He said in Oruba- Ragana ward alone, Migori, Nyangubo, Oruba Keyo, Nyanko and Ragana primary schools lack any ECDE classes.

“Everybody else who can and should talk against Obado poor leadership is in the governor’s pocket, I won’t be bought,” Masara said.

He was speaking on Friday during the funeral of Mzee Disco in Oruba estate within Migori town as he was reacting after Obado’s representative at the funeral, county secretary Christopher Rusana had spoken.

Rusana, who avoid directly confronting Rusana, lauded Obado for the performance, receiving Masara’s direct wrath.

“Go tell Obado I have no problem with him, his seven years as county governor has nothing to show for residents. Let him also no I am above being intimidated by Sangwenyas,” he said.

Two weeks at Nyabisawa High School during a funds drive led by Mombasa governor Hassan Joho, the two also clashed.

“Masara, for your information I have stolen nothing. When you were in municipal as a mayor you stole land and your record, which I have, is dirty,” Obado said.

But Masara said he was clean, and “even if I stole any land it should and can be reposed, women and patients who lose their lives because of poor services will never be taken back.”