Migori Nyumba Kumi elders to sue govt over stipends

A section of Kuria council of elders, Nchama, after a meeting at Kehancha town during the past function

By MN Reporter

Migori county elders under the Nyumba Kumi initiative have threatened to sue government over stipends.

Elders said they have been involved in fighting crime, settling disputes and propagating government policies without any stipend, a move they will challenge in court.

Rose Akeyo an elder from Rongo sub-county said that the office of the president starts from them.

“We always handle criminal cases, we solve land and family disputes, we need to be paid,” said Akeyo.

She added: “this message should reach President Uhuru Kenyatta, we have children who depend on us, we need something to boost our moral.”

Denis Mutiso Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Suna East said the budget to pay elders is still in parliament.

“We are aware, that our elders who form an important part in the administration of justice in this county, they do a lot of work to assist our chiefs and assistant chiefs to discharge their duty, we recognize their role in helping the government in discharging its services within the community,” Said Mutiso.