Migori is not prepared to fight Coronavirus- assembly report

Migori County Referral Hospital

By MN Reporter

Migori county assembly through an unanimous health committee report adopted by members has thrown cold water at preparation of county to fight Covid 19.

The chairperson, Health Services Committee James Ogweno Maende of Central Kamagambo tabled the report.

This comes after a Sh295million allocation to the department, READ STORY HERE: Sh295million allocated to fight Covid-19 in Migori, money allocated by assembly

 “The report the department of Health Services for what they termed as lack of preparedness to combat Covid- 19 in the County,” Maende said.

Members lamented that the department headed by Health Executive Isca Oluoch for “misleading the house that everything was okay while the picture on the ground was something very different.”

The 17 member committee recommended that the department should “expeditiously implement the establishment of fully equipped Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Migori County, this should be completed in the next 60 days from today.”

The department has also received over Sh40million earlier to fight the virus.

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“The department of Health should liaise with the department of roads to ensure that the roads leading to the Public Health facilities to be made accessible from the main road,” the report also suggested.

It also recommended distribution of the Personal Protective Equipment’s   to the wards should not be done without the involvement of the Hon. Members.