Migori activists want NGOs, churches involve in BBI process not politicians

Migori County Civil Society Organisations Forum during the presser

By MN Reporter

Migori County Civil Society Organisations Forum (MCSOF) has called on NGOs and churches to be involved in pushing through the Building Bridges Initiative.

The forum said BBI committee failure to publish in hard copy the report to be accessed by members of the public, NGOs and churches has opened the process for politicians.

“Sad that rallies are created by politicians to overshadow people driven agenda needed in changing the constitution,” Titus Orwa, the MCSOF Secretary General said.

Speaking to Migori News, Orwa said the public, church and activists are yet to get the BBI report in hard copy.

“What we are seeing in public rallies and press is that politicians have been divided in camps as they fight over the report which will change the country’s constitution,” Orwa said.

Rogers Owenga, MCSOF youth leader said the BBI team has left the process for politicians thinking BBI only agenda is to unite President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

“We need activists through civic organisations and churches to take the lead role in pushing through the call for BBI change, not politicians,” Owenga said.