Migingo Island residents, Anyanga against deploying Uganda army

Migingo Island in Kenya

Migingo Island in Kenya

By MN Reporter

Residents of disputed Migingo island and Nyatike MP Edick Anyanga have called on the government to prevent a plans of placing Uganda army at the island.

They said Kenya should come out clean on ownership of the island and stance to deploy Uganda People Defense forces (UPDF) to the island.

Campaign Against Abuses at Migingo island coordinator Dan Alila said the deployment is an indication that the island is under the jurisdiction of the Ugandan government.

Alila questioned the silence of human right organizations in Kenya over Migingo urging them to come out and defend Kenyans at the island from abuses.

Anyanga has called on the government to station the navy at disputed Migingo island as tension is simmering over plans by Ugandans to station new officers at the disputed island.

He said it was unfortunate the change comes with August 8 polls in the corner raising questions of Ugandan interference in the elections.

In a previous interview this week Migori county police commander David Kirui insisted that the change of guard by Ugandan government is a normal occurrence which should not raise any fear.