Lichota airstrip poor condition an eye sore to Migori, Kenya

By Jesse Sikali

Lichota Airstrip is a potential reliable revenue opportunity for the County Government of Migori if the necessary infrastructure is put in place.

The Airstrip located in the outskirts Migori town calls for immediate attention from the County Government to make it more attractive for the light air crafts now frequenting the county.

A spot check by the press on the state revealed that the airstrip receives close to five air crafts that bring in tourists who mostly travel across to Serengeti in Tanzania and others to Maasai Mara to watch the wildlife migrations.

Lydia Achieng’, who sells soapstone at the airstrip has expressed her dissatisfaction on the state of the airstrip and wants both the National and the County Government to help in upgrading it to good standards.

Achieng’ said her business at the only airstrip near Migori town is good but it lacks washrooms, clean water and many other amenities that can help in making her business boom.

A source from Air Kenya who sought anonymity said that the Migori County Tourism Department should upgrade the only facility available that connects Kenyans and other tourists to Serengeti in Tanzania and also Masai Mara as it will help the county to get and collect more revenue for development.

The airstrip has been in operation for long but since the inception of the County Governments in 2013 the activities have increased.