Let elected leaders work- Omamba

By Timothy Mbaya

North Kanyamkago Member of County Assembly (MCA) George Omamba has urged members of the public to give their elected leaders ample time to better serve them as their time in office isn’t finished.

Omamba said elected leaders are not at peace as they are fought by their electorates making it difficult for them to effectively roll out their development plans as they promised in their manifestos.

“Don’t let your personal differences with a certain leader make others not benefit from the development plans the leader has lined up for you,” Omamba quipped.

The MCA said that residents were giving some elected leaders a chance to justify why they were not delivering their promises as they continued to fight them.

“Some of these leaders you are making noise over will come back to you in 2017 and say that your continued war directed at them could not allow them better serve you, and they will be right,” Omamba quipped.

The North Kanyamkago representative said that the two arms of government in the country are to work together and complement each other for the benefit of residents.

“All elected leaders should work together whether you were elected to serve the National government or the county government. Enemity should be there as we serve the same people in this county,|” Omamba quipped.

He also urged elected leaders to work together so as to ensure that there was no power vacuum anywhere in the county.

“Once you are elected you are mandated to serve everybody and this means helping those you are elected with and that is why there is no vacuum in leadership,” the MCA said.

Omamba was speaking in Central Kanyamkago ward where the area MCA Michael Osongo has been unwell for a long time since elected.

The MCA cautioned residents not to allow to be incited against the leaders they elected by few individuals who are eying for various seats in the forthcoming election.

“Let your leaders work as it is their time to. It is not yet time for politics. Time will come when you will put us to task on our development record and thereafter decide whether to elect us or not,” he reiterated.

He added that the offices that various leaders held were not their personal property saying that residents were the people to decide the holder of the office during respective times.

“Some of you think that these offices are our property, No. Even you who is speaking ill of your leader today may be the bearer of this office tomorrow and will expect good working environment,” Omamba said.

The MCA however urged residents to engage in objective politics that will help them achieve development.