Kuria will only support referendum when we get own county- Kitayama

Migori governor office

By MN Reporter

The Kuria community will only support any side of a referendum that will ensure they get teir own county from Migori, Kuria East MP Marwa Kitayama has said.

Speaking to Migori News, Kitayama, as a Kuria kingpin, said they are opposed to any calls for a referendum to reduce the number of counties, which will lead to more marginalization of Kuria.

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“In Kuria we are opposed to a reduction of counties. So, those proposing that counties be reduced are on their own as the Kuria will not support them,” he declared.

The legislator further argued that reducing counties will not be an antidote to the ballooning wage bill as a section of the referendum proponents argue.

Kitayama holds the view that devolution should be have a model like Constituency Development Fund, which is disbursed to constituencies based on what should be done with the funds.

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