Kuria Tuelewane youth group donates food, household items to vulnerable groups in Kuria

Kuria Tuelewane youth group give donations to orphaned children in Komomange Village, Kuria West

By MN Reporter

A group of youth in Kuria have come together to help vulnerable members of the society overcome the effects Corona virus has had in the region.

Kuria Tuelewane has been participating on local art performance and thereafter use the little resources from their work to help total orphans, Persons Living with severe disability and those with long term chronic illnesses.

The group is comprised of young who recently completed studies began helping the targeted vulnerable community members especially this time of corona virus.

Kuria Tuelewane youth donate food, household items to Jacob Ntongori in Kuria West who was born lame.

According to the group chairman Jackson Chacha, the group started early 2019 with few individuals where they used to entertain meetings and gatherings hence lobbing some resources which in return they used to support the vulnerable.

Chacha maintained that their main aim was bringing together youths from Kuria to carry out activities that can benefit the community at large.

He said that entertainment being their main source of income has been adversely affected by the restrictions posed by the pandemic.

“we have been finding it hard to get the resources especially at this pandemic time since we used to entertain people in groups for us to acquire the resources,” he said

Chacha agreed that the group objectives have not been fully achieved but was determined that there had work and resilience to see their dreams achieved.

The group targeted homes in Komomange village, Kuria West where they distributed food, soap and face masks to the vulnerable total orphans, Persons living with severe disability and persons with long-term chronic illnesses.