Kuja Special School celebrate Ring A Bell programmed to encourage education for disabled

By MN Reporter

The latest research reveals that out of 10 children who are out of school, nine of them are children living with a disability.

This is according to the head teacher Kuja special primary school for the hearing impaired Mrs.Jemima Were who said that most of the children living with disability are neglected especially by their parents something she said must be dealt with amicably.

She said the various counties have mutually agreed that it should be made possible for all children to go to school no matter their condition of life saying that some parents have been hiding such children in their house saying it is inhuman and those who will be found must be answerable according to the law since they also have a right to education just like other children.

Jemima was speaking as children living with disability marked the annual celebration of a programme dubbed “Ring the bell” which sensitizes the society to remove children living with disability and take them to school just like other children in the society.

“Children with disability and the vulnerable group came out to sound the bell to sensitize members of the public that all children want to go to school and to be able to enter and pass through the school,” said Mrs.Were.

The pupils and their teachers conducted a peace walk in Rongo town ringing the bell and carrying placards reading, “all children are welcomed to school including children living with disability an event which was marked worldwide and sponsored by Lillian Fonds through their strategic partner, Cheshire disability services Kenya and the Catholic diocese of Homa-Bay.

On his part the coordinator of persons living with disability in the catholic diocese of Homa-Bay that comprises of Homa-Bay and Migori Counties Mr.Jabez Ouma Bolo reiterated that all children need honest education, good guidance, and more attention just like other children.

Bolo said all institution should be constructed in a disability-friendly so as to have them feel to be part and parcel of the general society adding that all children should be treated equally regardless of their disability emphasizing that disability is not inability hence they should not be hidden as some parents have been doing in some places.

“The society must come to the reality that disability is not a curse; those living with the disability deserve same treatment just like those perceived to be normal. The society must not look down upon them but instead seek advice from the specialist to direct them to the various institutions where their needs can be addressed,” said Bolo.

Migori County curriculum support of officer for people living with disability Mr.Bernard Mumbo said that parents must be enlighten that those children born with disability have equal rights enjoyed by any other human being.

He said the government should allocate more funds for the construction of disability friendly institutions also warning those still keeping such children in their homes that very soon the law will catch up with them.