Kenyan fishermen told to coexist with their Uganda, Tanzania counterparts

A fisherman inspects his boats at disputed Migingo Islnd

By MN Reporter

Assistant Inspector General of Police Charles Owino has urged Kenya fishermen in Lake Victoria to coexist with their counterparts from Tanzania and Uganda.

Speaking to the press at Oruba got Seventh-Day Adventist in Migori town during a funds drive in aid of church development, Owino said issues of insecurity in lake Victoria had been taken seriously by the three states sharing the lake.

“We work under East Africa co-operation and most of the issues are supposed to be handled amicably through dialogue and several agreements. And both President Uhuru Kenyata and Yoweri Museveni have added their voice to the issue,” said Owino.

He added: “Many a time when people are arrested on the other side, the security committees negotiate with their colleagues and come to an agreement. So it’s a matter of sharing Lake Victoria resource among all the members of the East African Community.”

He however added that it was important for fishermen working in the lake to have a good relationship.

“Our people should also avoid moving too much on the other side of Tanzania or Uganda and if they are supposed to do so then it should be under an agreement,” Said DIGP Owino.