Kenya, Tanzania tension over Covid 19 affecting Isebania town business- Range

The last mayor of Kehancha Tobias Range and director at Momokoro Academy

By MN Reporter

Former Kehancha mayor Tobias Range has called for normalising of relations between Kenya and Tanzania to boost relations on border town.

Range, speaking to journalists in Isebania town said since President Uhuru Kenyatta closed the Kenya-Tanzania border, business across border town like Isebania have been negatively affected.

“Business in Isebania has been negatively affected especially in rice, tomatoes and maize trade which cuts across the border,” Range said.

He added that “there have been tension especially among motorbike operators across the region.”

He said relationship between Kenya and Tanzania should be streamline through Kenyatta and his partner John Magufuli having a joint meeting.

“We have students on both sides of the border, we also have families and business interests which are currently affected,” Range said.

Range is is the director of Momokoro Academy, a top performing primary school in Nyanza.