#KCSE2018 Wiser Girls, Kadika beat Ulanda to top Migori, full list

Wiser Girls

By MN Reporter

The famous Ulanda Girls High School has eaten a humble pie in the KCSE 2018 to trail two minor schools.

Ulanda which has been topping Migori and Nyanza in past national examinations has failed to impress.

Wiser Girls in Nyatike is the top school in Migori county with a mean score of 7.2 and took 21 students directly to university after scoring C+ and above out of 29 candidates.

The little known school is run like an NGO with donor funding to help vulnerable girls in Nyatike and Migori county.

Kadika Girls came second with a mean score of 6 after taking 89 out of 262 to university directly.

Ulanda Girls came third with a mean score of 5.13 with 71 out of 422 students getting direct entry to university.

Nyabohanse Girls came fourth with a mean score of 5, while another giant Nyabisawa Girls is yet to get its results.