Karika Foundation comes in aid of Migori elderly

A section of Kuria council of elders, Nchama, after a meeting at Kehancha town during the past function

By MN Reporter

A non-governmental organization that concerns with aged persons has expressed concern over negligence of older people in terms of representation.

The founder of Kenya Aged People Required Information Knowledge and Advancement (KARIKA), Elijah Mwaiga said women, children and youths have representation unlike the aged group.

“Today not all older people are not accessing the cash transfer as a result they feel neglected,” said Mwaiga

He called upon the Government to enact a legal frame work which will be guarding older people to avoid cases of suicidal and property wrangles when they die.

He added that the KARIKA Programme is working towards attaining a network of older country wide to represent them at National level.

Also speaking during the KARIKA foundation function which was held at Uriri Migori County, Ambassador Esther Waringa said that the country has been divided by politics, instead of safe guarding the interest of all people.

She added that old people have been left aside with no one to represent them in the government.