Kanga Alumni celebrated for helping in school development

By MN Reporter, @MNReporter

The Kanga School Alumni association has been praised for coming out strong and assisting in infrastructural development of the school.

The school principal Michael Gweno challenged different schools Alumni to give back to the schools that has enabled them acquire plump jobs in the country and even beyond.

On his part, the school PA chairman Simon Otok Amollo commended the school Allumni led by Gad Opiyo for the efforts they have put in place to see Kanga be one of the best schools in the country in teams of both academic performance and infrastructural development.

He said apart from having a tarmacked road to the school, they also boast of state of the art computer lab and ICT Center in addition to several development projects in the school through the Allumni in cooperation with other stakeholders.

Kanga is known in the country as one of the best performing schools in the national examination. Last year a total of 237 candidates managed direct entry to various public universities translating to 76 percent of those who sat for the examination last year while others got absorptions in different medium colleges.

The three urged government to consider funds allocated to schools and cash control collection from parents in a bid to improve the infrastructural development of schools.

Gweno said that schools have been faced with tough financial obligation as inflation rise by the day due to finance control to schools by the government adding that most of their activities have not been completed due to insufficient funding.

Speaking to Migori News at the school, Gweno said that because the ministry has disallowed increase of school fees, they are faced with financial constrains which may affect even the performance of schools, calling upon the government to reconsider their stand and allow parents contribute majorly in collection of development levies to subsidize on what the government is providing.

He at the same time said the government philosophy on curriculum review is in the right direction as it factor in extra curriculum giving all students an opportunity to excel in their areas of interest but however said Kenyans have been known of such brilliant initiatives but implementation becomes a challenge.

He said 844 system was meant to be practical based but changed to more academic oriented.