Kakrao estate residents accuse police of laxity amid runaway insecurity, house break-ins

Joseph Nyapete, a victim of insecurity at his home in Kakrao estate in the outskirts of Migori town

By MN Reporter

Kakrao estate residents in Migori town have called out the police over laxity amid runaway insecurity and house break-ins.

Within weeks, residents told Migori News that a gang of gun and crude weapon wielding thugs have been causing mayhem and targeting house breakins.

Kakrao estate were faced with cases of break in and sexual assault as a gang of gun wielding youths in pick-ups broke into houses.

“The gangs are always masked, armed with with guns and crude weapons and have been terrorizing residents,” Joseph Nyapete, a resident of Kakrao estate said.

Nyapete, a victim said six man gang raided his house on Monday night after cutting through the grills of his rear window, beat him up and tied him before making away with household items.

 “I could not identify them since they donned black masks. They kept asking if we could recognize their voices and even threatened to kill us if we raised any alarm,” Nyapete said.

“They just take their time during crime, they molest women, pick items and during the night they have us load pickups, we are scared as the cases are on the rise during campaigns,” Nyapete said.

The gang has been targeting use of electronics and other household items.

Benter Anyango, a land lady in the estate said her plots have been raided in three occasion in the past weeks.

“Last month, they raided my tenant’s house and took away everything. No one was around during the daylight robbery. Last week, we raised an alarm as they attempted to break into the compound,” she recalled.