Impeaching Ogongo, agriculture staff not ruled out over ‘missing’ funds- Maira


By MN Reporter

Muhuru Bay MCA Hevron Maira has insisted that impeaching agriculture executive Valentine Ogongo is not ruled out and has started the process.

Maira, while addressing Migori News in Migori town said he had nothing personal against Ogongo, but he is only doing his oversight role.

“As a member of Agriculture committee I have started the clear process of formally raising queries over the department expenditure in 2017-19 financial year expenditures,” Maira insisted.

Last week, Maira claimed that Sh185million from the department had been misappropriated.

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He said because of his stance on October 25 and October 28, a lorry carted away fertilizers from “Miyare College to unknown destinations which is yet to be known.”

“We will deal with it in the assembly, we will deal with it to make the public know what is happening in the department,” Maira said.

He insisted that he was not a mad as claimed by Ogongo, but he will seek answers to queries he had raised.

Earlier Ogongo has dared MCAs to impeach him over allegations of misappropriated funds in his department and termed Maira as a “mad man” who is “Wasting time with allegations without coming to his office or summon him through the assembly.”

“Maira has the power to summon me to assembly and initiate impeachment motion if he has any claims, most are unsubstantiated. A frog’s cry will never present a cow from drinking,” Ogongo said.