I will seek Obado’s endorsement, but first i will sell blueprint to electorates- Rusana

Migori county government secretary Christopher Rusana

By MN Reporter

Migori county secretary Christopher Rusana has said he will seek endorsement from his boss in the governor race.

Speaking to Migori News in a special interviews (more artices and videos coming up later), Rusana said he was out to replace governor Okoth Obado after working with him for close to a decade.

“For working for close to a decade in Migori, Obado has a strong support base and he is among like minded leaders i will court to work with once elected as the next governor,” Rusana said.

But he said before he formally seek endorsement from Obado he plans to create a development blueprint which he will first sell to voters directly.

“I will move directly to voters to seek their mandate and sell to them my blueprint, then i will seek my boss endorsement as a voter among other roles,” Rusana said.

He said since being elected in 2013, Obado has faced a lot of challenges and managed to create a development foundation which is the best in Nyanza region.

But Obado during a function in Miyare Technical College two months ago refused to endorse anybody and said “the next governor seat will be decided by voters in a democratic process which will be above handpicking candidates and forcing on people.”