I will not decide for you the next governor – Governor Obado

Migori Governor Okoth Obado receives an ODM cap from party leader Raila Odinga after he officially defected to the party ahead of the 2017 general elections

By Yakobo Onyango

Migori governor Okoth Obado has said he has no powers to dictate to the people of Migori who they will vote for in the next gubernatorial race.

Speaking Wednessday at Miyare Agricultural Training Center in North Kamagambo, Rongo sub-county, the county chief said the decision to choose who will replace him in office lies solely with the electorates.

“I see that many people, some of them good friends of mine, have declared their interest for different posts. I would however like to remind you as electorates that the power to decide who will lead lies solely with you,” said Obado.

Some of the speakers at the venue had suggested to the governor to ‘direct them’ on whom they should vote for to ensure the continuity of his legacy after his term ends in 2022.

Obado also called for peace in the coming elections and at the same time asked residents of Migori to shun politicians associated with electoral violance.

“Let no one force you towards a particular direction using noise and violence.”

“I urge you to discipline such people by not voting for them because someone can not come to you and force you to vote for them as though these posts belong to their m*thers,” Obado said amid cheers from the crowd.

He however urged those seeking to replace him as governor to endear themselves to the voters as he did as they are the only ones who will vote them in.

“I am very grateful to the people of Migori because I came you and you voted for me but then some people thought they could come in through courts.”

“The only discipline that awaits such people is we the electorates denying them our votes,” said Obado