I am sure of retaining my Rongo seat- Dalmas

Public service minister Dalmas Otieno speaks duBy MN Reporter

The construction of Rongo university medical college will be constructed at Rakwaro area at a cost of Ksh.20 billion.

Area member of parliament Dalmas Otieno said the land for the proposed project has already been purchased using money allocated by CDF and that the 100 hectares piece of land will be utilized well to establish,a medical school,Rongo university college modern hospital and a medical training college,all at one place and will admit about3000 students besides creating employment to locals.

Mr Otieno differed with his opponents fond of making wild allegations over his development programs to desist and support him in making Rongo a shinning example in the country.

He challenged those who are attempting to sabotage his programs to tell constituents what they were after and intention of sabotaging his plans of improving economic activities in the region.

The Rongo MP said he is beyond petty politics and would not allow few disgruntle elements to mess up the constituency for selfish ends.

The legislator said he is committed and dedicated to ensure provision of viable and income generating projects in the area that will address high rate of umeployment among his constituents.

He told his rivals to concentrate energies on issues that will improve the living standards of the constituents instead of wasting time politicking at the expense of desperate and unemployed residents.

Otieno expect his constituents to have a steady source of livelihood by engaging them in viable economic activities by 2020 to eliminate poverty among his voters,adding that he is determined to ensureRongo compete effectively on economic matters with other areas that had forged a head on economic progress.

Mr Otieno at the same time said the country is yawning for change due to massive corruption orchestrated by jubilee administration and was optimistic that NASA will form the next government beginning August 8 this year and expect to have leaders who will steer this country to greater heights of development.

The Rongo MP toured several projects in his constituency and promised to ensure equitable distribution of resources to his constituents.

Rongo university since inception has absorbed a good number of residents offering them steady source of livelihood and with the introduction of medical school and training college,more people will be employed and will help addressing unemployment rate among school leavers