Huru International offers over 500 Nyatike girls with sanitary towels, life skills education

Muhuru Bay MCA Hevron Maira hands over sanitary towels to women in his ward

By MN Reporter

An NGO in Muhuru Bay beaches Migori County has come out to distribute disposable sanitary pads to the less fortunate, poor and vulnerable girls in the Lake Victoria shores.

Valentine Cherono the Huru International Limited project manager said that the project that is funded by Johnsons and Johnsons started last year to help the girls get sanitary pads that are capable of lasting for 18 month.

She said that so far the most targeted girls are those who are out of school and will even get education on life skills in the society along the Lake shores that has high rate of HIV/AIDS prevalence.

The Organization that has so far helped the 800 girls on the shores of Lake Victoria with adolescent girls in and out of schools being the most beneficiaries since they are the most vulnerable and susceptible to challenges facing the lake shores in regards to HIV/AIDS prevalence and contracting of the deadly disease.

The NGOS also teaches the young girls on reproductive health and empowerment on the life skills issues that can help them in the future.

The sanitary pads are capable of being reused by the girls and can last for close to five years if they are well used by the girls and their guardians.

The Lake Victoria beaches have had a lot of cases of sex for fish and other issues that have affected the education, growth and development of the girls since they are the main targets in the society.