Political backlash as Suna elders pick Obado’s man Rusana over Pamela, Pesa and Mwabe to carry governor flag

Migori county secretary Christopher Rusana, Migori Woman Rep Pamela Odhiambo, businessman Philip Mwabe and former Migori MP John Pesa

By MN Reporter

The Suba community elders have raised a political strom by picking governor Okoth Obado right hand man Christopher Rusana to be their flag bearer in the forthcoming general elections.

The County Secretary was picked over Migori Woman Representative Pamela Odhiambo, County Secretary Christopher Rusana, businessman Philip Mwabe and former Migori MP John Pesa.

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Other aspirants from the same area. former Mombasa executive Seth Odongo and businessman Owiso Ngao. were ignored by the elders in the matrix.

“We were a select technical team mandated to pick a candidate, we did our report after the meeting and today we have handed it over to Suna elder chairman Riogi Riogi. Our work is done,” he Secretary of Pentecostal Evangelical Faith of Africa (PEFA) John Okinda led a team of six opinion leaders from the Suna clan from Suna East and Suna West constituencies to pick a single candidate..

Okinda said at Msomi Teachers College in April 28 after a meeting at Kamel Park in Kisii town where he handed the report to Suba Council of Elders chairman Riogi Riogi, who for his status as an elder has dangerously flipflopped over the issue in the press.

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While receiving the report, Riogi said he was aware of furor that caused the report, but called on other aspirants who feel that their votes was stolen to approach him to have their grievances raised. Just earlier he told the press Okinda’s team was formed by political hangouts out to use his name for his gains.

The Suna clan, which is part of the Suba community has been angling to field a single candidate to solidify Suna West 46,162 votes and Suna East 46,574 a total of 92,736 out of 389,182 county votes by latest data of registered votes by IEBC.

The infamous team, termed as ‘Sangwenya from Heaven’ was led by Okinda, former God Jope MCA Ochieng Abwao, former Kwa MCA Odoyo Odara, bishop Esau Jobando, political activist Festus Mapesa and a local teacher.

Speaking to Migori News in separate interviews Mwabe, Odhiambo and Pesa shunned the results as insisted they will be in the ballot in 2022.

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“All of us were there, but candidates refused to pick one of us as a flag bearer. I refused to go through a voting system as it was to cause pandemonium, which greeted the outcome.” Mwabe said.

“Okinda did not vote because he was the chairman of the meeting, so we have four candidates and the six panelist to decide the fate of thousands of voters. Rusana was picked, but I will be in the ballot,” he insisted.

“The next Migori governor will be decided by voters at the ballot, the committee of six people in a boardroom decision is null and void,” Pesa,

Pamela said she “will be in the ballot, I told the committee that my candidature is not on reverse gear. I will be in the ballot in the general elections.”

Suna West Women League led by Jael Akoth and Elizabeth Akinyi in a press interview just hours before the reported was handed over termed it as a “consultation of few men went to drink tea in a hotel in Kisumu and has no local standing.”