Gwonyo fundraise for church as Uriri MP skip

By MN Reporter

Uriri politician Omondi Gwonyo led a fundraiser at Children of God Regeneration church in Nyamagee area as area MP John Kobado refused to attend the function.

This follows complains by West Kanyamkago ward residents in Uriri constituency have blamed their legislator over claims off neglecting the area in development projects.

They said the legislator only attends projects in areas where he got massive political support and leave out others.

Led by Jared Omondi the church’s Arch Bishop, he said Kobado declined to support a fund drive at the church claiming his two main rivals had previously presided over fund drives in the church.

“The church isn’t a political unit. Omondi Gwonyo and Joash Dache who may have interests in the seat are only members,” he said.

While addressing church members from sixteen churches in Uriri, Omondi said they had invited Kobado as the guest of honor and he even picked the date of the harambee but change his mind at the last meeting.

But speaking to Migori News, Kobado insisted he was never invited in the function and said Omondi’s remarks was driven by political malice.

“Omondi should come out clear as I never received any written invitation to the church and would have been happy to come,” he said.

Kobado said that as the father of Uriri constituency he has been spurring development projects across political divide.

The fundraiser was presided over by Gwonyo who donated Sh80,000 while accompanied by Suna Central Ward politician Samuel Ochieng’ Obrien (pictured).

Gwonyo called on county leaders to put aside their political differences and focus on development.

“Previous elections came and winners were declared. We now need to pull together for the sake of development in the county,” he said.

He also challenged legislators to set aside funds to aid churches, mosques and orphanages in social development plans as they are locked out of the kitty.

“When the country is in a crisis leaders often seek church and mosques intervention even though they are locked out in development agenda,” he said.