Ghati urges Migori residents to register en masse in the re-opened Huduma Number exercise

Nominated MP Dennitah Ghati displays her acknowledgement slip after registering for Huduma Number.


Nominated MP Dennitah Ghati has called on residents in Migori County to come out and register in large numbers in the re-opened Huduma Number mass registration exercise.

Ghati urged the residents who were not captured by the in the past registration exercise to take advantage of the second round.

The ODM MP said many Kenyans did not present themselves to register for Huduma Number as they lacked vital document required in the exercise.

In a statement to Migori News, Ghati urged local administration officer to cooperate and assist residents in the re-opened exercise.

After the end of the first registration exercise early this year, Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i said the exercise would continue at the assistant chief offices.

Below is the statement by the former Migori Women Representatives.

“SINCE Government has reopened Huduma Number registration exercise
I call on Kenyans, the aged, Persons with disabilities who had not registered to do so.

The extension is to capture all the citizens who missed last April’s Huduma massive registration exercise, the government of Kenya has re-opened the registration exercise for the second time.

Since the government will deploy two clerks in every sub-location to oversee the exercise, this will be easier and on going.

I urge those who did not register because they lacked birth certificates or other vital documents to register this time round. I URGE chiefs to be cooperative.

This number will help kenya and to access Kenyans to access government services.”