Five family members perish in Midoti road accident

A sombre mood has engulfed Midoti village, Suna East sub-county after five family member dead on the spot after the vehicle they were traveling in veered off the road and plunged into a dam on Christmas day.

The dam which was filled by water was used to harvest murram used to tarmack roads in the county.

The perished family members are related to a renowned business man from Migori and Suna East.constituency aspirant Patrick ‘JaWasweta’ Odipo.

According to the Odipo family member Jared Odipo, the deceased were Two women and three children traveling from Nairobi to celebrate Christmas at home.

Odipo said the accident was mysterious as it happened only a few meters from home where they were heading to.

“The vehicle veered off the road and plunged in the dam head first,” Odipo said.

He said the deceased were in company of his brother Patrick Odipo who was driving ahead of them directing them when the incident occurred.

“Family members together with the villager flocked to rescue them unfortunately they passed on,” Odipo added.

Joseph Nyambori, a rescuer said the dam was very deep which slowed down the rescue mission.

Suna Central senior chief Stephen Ouma said that the five causalities were rushed to Ombo Hospital but they were pronounced dead on arrival and taken to mortuary.

The completely destroyed vehicle, a Harrier KBY 121T was removed from the dam by villagers and towed to Migori Police Station.