Family accuses Migori police station officers for shielding Suna East blogger who defiled sister, Kadika Girls student

Police with a recovered motorbike at Migori Police Station

By MN Reporter

A family in Migori town has called on county police boss Musyoka Manase and inspector general of police Hillary Mutyambai to help them get justice for a suspect who defiled his sister.

The popular blogger (name withheld to protect the minor) hails from Osingo area in Suna East constituency has been defiling his sister, a 16 years old form two student at Kadika Girls.

Sadly, the suspected rapist and defiler blogger has been set free by time of going to the press while the girl is still languishing at Migori police station.

“He has been defiling the sister for a long time and even when he was told to stop the suspect refused to relent,” the victim’s brother X who is also a popuar blogger told Migori News.

X said he reported the matter at Migori police station when the sister disappeared on November 12, and reported the matter two days later at Migori police station.

The matter was reported under OB 14/14/11/2020 at 1150hours

“The family managed to arrest the blogger and the minor at his house on November 21,” X said.

The family said first test done on the minor at Migori Referral Hospital.

“Police refused to have sexually transmitted disease test done to the suspect too, this was a plot to weaken the case,” X said.

Police officers confiscated all documents including medical the family had availed in court and refused to even allow family to buy medication for the girl.

“The doctor and children department wanted the last test done to the minor before we proceed to court for justice. it is a shame that this case is being bungled,” x said.

X said as a family they will never relent until the case if heard and police officers in charge face justice with the incest suspect defiler.

“The incest suspect has to face justice, police officers shielding him will also face justice,” X said.