EACC takes ‘Obado’s’ Sh35m Loresho House managed by daughter, Kwaga

Migori governor Okoth Obado while at Milimani Law Courts in other cases

By MN Reporter

EACC has taken over a house in Nairobi they believe is owned by Migori Governor Okoth Obado through a proxy.

In a statement shared on their Twitter Handle, EACC said the house has been managed by Obado through a proxy Jared Kwaga and his daughter Everlyne Zachary.

“EACC has obtained orders preserving a property in Loresho bought for 35M using funds embezzled from Migori County by Jared Kwaga, a suspected proxy of Governor Obado,” the statement reads.

EACC said that Kwaga, together with his family members, had incorporated many companies to fraudulently trade with Migori county government.

“It was however established that the tenant at the said Loresho property owned by Mr. Kwaga, actually paid rent to Evelyne Zachary, Governor Obado’s daughter. EACC has reasonable suspicion to believe that the Governor is the true beneficiary,” EACC said in a tweet.

EACC said that the preservation orders over the property “will ensure that the property will not be transferred, disposed or in any other way dealt with to defeat the course of justice.”

EACC will take over the house until it completes its investigations and commences civil proceedings.