#Covid19: Test all MCAs after Migori assembly closure when staff tested positive- Kakrao MCA aspirant Arum

Kakrao MCA aspirant in 2022 general elections Jackton Arum

By MN Reporter

Migori residents have challenged MCAs who escaped from targeted testing at the assembly to be forced after the institution closed when a staff tested positive of Covid 19.

The assembly is currently in a two week closure after a staff tested positive, with most MCAs running away when medics arrived at the assembly.

Led by Kakrao ward aspirant Jacktone Arum in 2022 general elections, residents said it is sad for leaders to place other at risk.

“We had a case where a nominated MCA also escaped twice from isolation center after coming into contact with a positive patient, we need more action,” Arum said.

Speaking to Migori News, Arum said apart from assembly, MCAs have offices across 40 wards in Migori which should have also been closed.

“We have a lot of legislation, committee work and oversight from assembly especially shortly after passing of the budget. We can see a case in future with more closures as MCAs become a weaker link,” Arum said.

“One of our [member of] staff from Kuria region has tested positive of Covid-19. This comes as a result of the test which was done by Migori County Health Department at the Assembly,” Migori County leader of Majority  Edward Ouma said when confirming the closure.

In a target test at the assembly, which is across the road from Migori GK Prison another hotsot, only 20 MCAs and staffers got tested. The rest escaped.

Arum said it was sad for Migori County Health department and assembly leadership to refused to place MCAs in quarantine or be placed under forced tests.

“We need leaders to play a leading role in fighting the virus, we need more effort to give faith in the public as Migori is becoming a Covid 19 hotspot area,” he said.