Covid 19 ruled, Obado’s impeachment was not tabled on Tuesday- Speaker Boaz

Migori speaker Boaz Okoth (brown suit) at the assembly premises

By MN Reporter

What an anti-climax, the most hyped tabling of governor Okoth Obado sponsored by ODM ended in less than five minutes without it seeing the day on Tuesday.

The heavy contingent of police officers, huge presence of media and anxious public were left without the motion being tabled.


“There was anxiety and i saw it better to move it. Covid 19 regulations in the assembly were also not followed which saw me wise to push it,”Okoth said.

He said most MCAs wanted to be in the assembly, disregarding social distance rules, which he also flouted during a press conference outside the assembly.

The House Business Committee which meets and sets the agenda of the assembly, “also met very briefly on Tuesday.”

On Tuesday, the only agenda passed was opening of assembly which has been on recess since August 9 and a speech from the speaker, which he refused to give.

Deputy Speaker Mathews Chacha said first the assembly will look at modalities on how to sit without breaking Covid 19 rules.

“Impeachment is a process, first the House Business Committee which slots agenda, including the impending motion, has to sit. It did so briefly on Tuesday,” Chacha said.

He said residents should be patient, because apart from the motion here are pending bills, oversight reports and other motions which will also be discussed.