Complete list of 19 Migori politicians set to resign from lucrative jobs to vie in August 9

FROM LEFT: Dalmas Otieno, Edick Anyanga, Nelson Marwa, David Osiany, Boaz Okoth, Christopher Rusana, Jared Kopiyo, Josephine Sirega and Evans Ogutu

By MN Reporter

The August 9 general elections is around the corner and already politicians are angling to set up and solidify their base in ensuing political heat.

Next month, aspirants who are civil servants or journalists will be required to officially resign and join politics. Here are the ones Migori News will be keeping tabs on:

  1. Dalmas Otieno- Salaries and Renumeration Commission (Migori Governor)

First in our list, last time he got his current position he was supposed to vie as Migori Senator in a by-election which saw his political nemesis Ochillo Ayacko getting elected. He had launched his senator bid at Kababu outside Migori town, then dropped his supporters in the cold to pick his new position. So far he has been blowing hot-and-cold on his governor bid, his resignation will confirm the obvious.

2. Edick Anyanga – NG-CDF Board (Migori governor/Nyatike MP)

He has never openly said the sit he will vie for on August 9, at one time he wants to be Migori next governor and in other times he goes for Nyatike MP Tom Odege jagurlar. The immediate former Nyatike MP will first need to resign before putting his political path straight.

3. Nelson Marwa- PS State Dept for Social Protection (Kuria East MP)

Last Sunday Deputy President William Ruto called him out for always undermining him in Kuria after Marwa took Kuria West MP Mathias Robi and Kuria East MP Marwa Kitayama tested his wrath when they tried to undermine President Uhuru Kenyatta. Despite not putting in perspective his plans, Kuria East constituency political tectonic plates have been shifting with him lifting a finger. Will they shift further?

4. David Osiany- CAS Ministry of Industrialisation (Rongo MP)

He has been immensely enjoying his current position with glitz of photos on his social media, including recent ones when he took his family to Dubai for December festive season. Will he drop the comfort to vie again for the Rongo MP seat in next polls? Time will tell

5. Boaz Okoth- Migori Speaker (Migori Governor)

The political miracle aka Miujiza, a politician who have never lost any election. Will he resign and move for his ambition or the comfort of his seat will prevent him from resigning next month?

6. Evans Ogutu- Chief Finance Officer Migori Assembly (Migori governor/political relevance)

If you walk inside a closed room and see a monkey with a loaded gun, what will be your reaction? That is the reaction rival politicians as the young man with money to splash has been declaring his governor bid. Some say he is seeking relevance, next month will put this into a litmus paper.

7. Josephine Sirega- Journalist Ramogi FM (Woman Representative)

All journalist who dream to have their name in the ballot should resign. Will she?

8. Rebbeca Maroa-  Migori Energy Executive (Migori Governor)

We are waiting, she has been gracing Deputy President William Ruto events as she seeks to vie on UDA ticket.

9. Christopher Rusana- Migori County Secretary (Migori Governor)

He has launched his bid officially, he will have to walk the talk by resigning next month.

10. Sheila Gati- Migori Trade Executive (Migori Woman Representative)

She had concentrated on social media to campiagn for her bid without publicly saying so. Her trail for her bid has grown cold of late, will she revive it after resigning?

11. Valentine Ogongo- Migori Agriculture Executive (Suna West MP)

Vied before for the same seat, was only employed in the current position for a short period of Governor Okoth Obado’s second term, will he leave a few months salaries and trapping of office for political Siberia?

12. Kephers Nyamita- Migori Health Executive (Rongo MP)

Political greenhorn, have been hinting that he will be in the ballot. So far he confirmed he will resign.

13. Isca Oluoch- Migori Public Admn Executive (Awendo MP)

We only wish her luck, that is all she will get on comment. That is if she confirms it with a resignation.

14. Sylus Jonyo- Migori Director Sports (Awendo MP)

He has been passing off as a serious contender, good luck.

15. Dominic Akugo- Director Migori Governor Office (Uriri MP)

Syl as a fox, smooth like an operator. He wanted to be in Uriri seat, backed off his wife has been on social media as next Woman Rep. Wherever he is planning, past next month we will put it to rest

16. Solomon Ogolla- Director Migori Governor Office (Rongo MP)

Without his title and trapping of his current position, he is a man you can squeeze with in a matatu without giving him a second look i.e he doesn’t ooze power. What will happen when he resigns and faces the public?We wait to see.

17. Caleb Ong’ele- Migori County Govt (Kwa Ward MCA)

Little said here, the better. Migori News battle to get his exact title, but we wish him good luck like all other competitors.

18. Zilper Audline- Teacher Nyarach Mixed (Migori Woman Rep)

Good luck, she had vied and North Kanyamkago MCA in last polls and was trounced. The leap from a ward to a seat having 40 wards will need that luck (if she confirms by resigning).

19. Jared Kopiyo- Chairman Migori County Public Service Board (Awendo MP)

We first did a list of 18 politicians, added him as an afterthought before we could finalise the list. He decamped to Ruto’s UDA camp. Then went mute, hope the immediate former Awendo MP is practiising his resignation signature.