COMPLETE LIST: How Migori MCAs shared 19 committees, Omamba, Akal and Graham secure these powerful slots

Migori County Assembly

By MN Reporter

Election of chairpersons and vice chairpersons

  1. Agriculture- Chair Felix Okwanyo, Vice- Hans Kwenya
  2. Environment and Natural Resources- Chair- Seko Calvince, Vice- Ruth Onyango
  3. Health Services- Chair- Goerge Okinyi Omamba, Vice- Mwita Clackson
  4. Children and Community Services- Chair- Carolyne Okere, Vice- Beatrice Okumu
  5. Transport and Public Works- Chair- Samwel Obrien, Vice- Paul Ndiege
  6. Trade, Tourism and Cooperatives- Chair- Dorine Dande, Vice- Stella Ombonya
  7. Early Childhood and Vocational Training- Chair- Norman Ogola, Vice- Kiyeye Anne Beryl
  8. Justice and Legal Affairs- Chair- Peter Mijungu, Vice- Nestory Owiyo
  9. Lands, Housing and Planning- Chair- Mirimbo Julius Otieno, Vice- Elizabeth Ochaye
  10. Water and Energy- Chair- Olima Obonyo, Vice- Lydia Ghati
  11. Labour and Social Welfre, Chair- John Were, Vice- Alice Achieng Amollo
  12. Implementation, Chair- Nildad Bageni,  Vice- Charles Koyoo
  13. CPIAC- Hon Calebs Akal, Vice-  Joseph Machumbe
  14. County Delegated Legislation, Chair- Agai Collins Ochieng, Vice- Wambura Caleb
  15. Budget and Appropriation- Chair- Graham Kagali, Vice- Patrick Marwa
  16. Ward Development Fund-  Chair- Pius Ichobwe, Vice- Rose Aoro
  17. Finance- Chair- Caleb Ong’ele, Vice- Nyaoke Simon
  18. ICT- Chair Clarice Oyoo, Vice- Kemege Tyson
  19. Members Services and Facilitatipon- Chair Esther Migose