Children department insists Pamela illegally sent 100 children to Meru, Woman Rep defiant

The beneficiaries in Meru

By MN Reporter

Migori Woman Representative Pamela Odhiambo and county children officer John Odinya have clashed over sending of close to 100 pupils for scholarship in an organisation in Meru county.

Odinya insisted that Odhiambo on Wednesday illegally took the children to Meru without involving the office, police and public administrators.

“The whole process did not follow the due legal process and the government was completely not involved as most of them are vulnerable,” Odinya said.

He said his office will follow legal process and Odhiambo’s office will have to avail information of all beneficiaries.

But Odhiambo said the children will have full scholarship from secondary to university at Nchiru children’s village under the St Clare Girls Centre, St Francis children village and St Phelomena Homes of Hope.

“The children’s office are complaining that I never involved them in the matter yet I made the appeal through the local media. They have always been with these children despite the suffering and have done little to address their plight,” she said.

She told the department to “stop the sideshows,” as she was working on her constitutional mandate.