Census results should include People with Disability (PwD)data- Ghati

The launch

By MN Reporter

Nominated MP Dennitah Ghati has called on government to release the full number of People with Disability in the just released census.

Ghati, nominated by ODM to represent the special constituency of PwD, said Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) should release the full number like they did in the preliminary report.

“So far we only know the number of men, women and intersex, but the number of those living with disability was kept off, this is in poor faith,” Ghati said.

She said the preliminary results should have included them.

“We are very confident  that the number of people living with disability has increased in the last decade, we have always worked with approximation of number of disables but this time we need the exact data,”  said Ghati.

She said the data will help to fast track national government, county government and stakeholders to allocate funds, design programmes and policies for PwDs.

“We need the number from the smallest unit which is sub-location in gender, age and level of education to help in planning and put our voice in the national discourse in employment and tender allocation” she said.

She vowed to move to court to compel the data is it is not adequetly captured.