CENSUS: Nyatike girls likely to stay single, with highest number of more women than men

Migingo Island

By MN Reporter

Girls in Nyatike constituency are most likely to remain single after recording the highest deficit with men in the just released national census by government.

Nyatike has 8,175 more women than men, with 83,989 (Male) and 92,164 (Female) to have a constituency total of 176,162.

Kuria West constituency is the most populous in Migori in the recent population census released by government, overtaking Nyatike which record a decline.

While in Migori county, there are 44,028 more women than men with a population of over a million.

Here is a break down of number of more women than men per constituency, with Kuria East men being the most vulnerable:

  1. Nyatike 8,175
  2. Kuria West 6,327
  3. Suna West 6,029
  4. Rongo 6,072
  5. Uriri 5,191
  6. Suna East 4,717
  7. Awendo 4,591
  8. Kuria East 2,925    

Meanwhile here are the counties with most number of women, for bachelors trying to get women and married men looking for girlfriends be informed:

  1. Kuria West         107,417
  2. Nyatike           92,164
  3. Uriri           73,318
  4. Suna West           67,459
  5. Rongo           65,329
  6. Suna East           63,694
  7. Awendo           60,939
  8. Kuria East           49,894