CASO targets Migori with millions of hass avocado seedlings, first factory

By MN Reporter

Community Action Support Organisation (CASO) has rolled out an ambitious to give Migori first 10 million trees of hass avocado and first factory by 2020.

Absalom Odera Ouma, CASO field officer said so far they hav =e distributed over a half a million seedlings with their seedbed having 17,000 trees they are distributing to farmers.

Ouma said they liased with hass avocado firms to distribute the seedlings, saying Migori has a huge potential.

“We are working olsely with individual farmers, youths and women groups to reach the target and spur first factory which will directly export th fruits to India and China,” he said.

He said the tree breeds faster than normal breeds, have longer shelf life with international market capacity.

“Trees also offer better quantity and quality of yields,” he said.