Campaign funds cap in elections will put more youths in ballot- Elvis Wambura, Masaba MCA candidate

Masaba MCA candidate on ANC ticket Elvis Wambura in a past event

By MN Reporter

There is a need for the country to embrace the law capping amount to be used in election campaigns cycles to ensure objective leadership, Masaba ward MCA candidate on ANC ticket Elvis Wambura has said.

Wambura, during an interview with YouTuber Esther Nyonje through her show ‘Kenya Explained’ said the financial regulation has been enacted into law and was to take effect in the 2013 general elections and has been postponed ever since.

“The enforcement of the law has been pushed again in this polls, to next polls that will be 14 years since it was established and the saddest thing is that in the next polls it may not be effected,” Wambura said.

He said the law will bring objectivity in politics way above money and will encourage more youths, or leaders without money to face off with incumbents.

“The notion that elections are expensive have pushed away many potential leaders from seeking elective posts, especially youths,” he said.

He said Kenya should borrow a leaf from Brazil who law on financial regulations “has very strict and hefty penalties which included culprits being locked out from two election cycles.”

Wambura at the same time lauded ANC for having fair nominations across the country and said he was upbeat on improving the welfare of Masaba residents where agriculture is the main economic activity.

“I will move in to spearhead the need for value addition and cap on a move by World Bank to start a sweet potato processing plant in the area,” Wambura said.

He said he will help drill more boreholes in churches, schools and other social places to increase accessibility of clean water.

“To boost on agriculture i will put up earth dams and help collect surface ran off water to boost farming and livestock farming,” Wambura said.

“To increase social advantage i will improve access of roads especially areas prone of flooding, above all i am passionate in ensuring we gradually move into direction that we improve social economic agenda of all,’ Wambura said.

He said he will use his skills in pushing through agenda nationally at parliament and senate to ensure the needs of Masaba people are realised in county fiscal plans and budget allocations through people participation.