Bungoma Line Shuttle adds eight new vehicles in Migori route, rivals harass them from stage

Jack Odhiambo

By MN Reporter

The Bungoma Line Shuttle has added eight new vehicles in the Migori route amid harassment from established players.

Jack Odhiambo, the bungoma Line Shuttle agent in Migori said they only two weeks old in Migori, but their positive response has seen intimidation from rivals.

A section of Saccos have accused the new entrants of ‘destroying’ prices.

“These are false accusation we charge the normal fare of Sh600-700 from Migori to Kisumu and have a capacity of 11, but do seven because of Covid regilations. Our rivals carry excess of 14 and still complain of unfair competition,” he said.

He said cost of doing business like fuel points have been the same like others and even though they are prevented from accessing the stage they have grown in leaps and bounds.

“Before coming to Migori route we used to offer our passenger to these same vehicles, now that we are in this route their reaction is obvious,” he said.