BBI benefits outweighs reasons brought by opposers against it- Ayacko

Migori senator Ochilo Ayacko

By MN Reporter

Migori senator Ochilo Ayacko has said Kenyans stand to gain more from Building Bridges Initiative that what those who are oppposing the move bring forth.

Addressing the press in Migori, the senator said that a lot of things are in the Building Bridges Initiative and those against it are yet to give a concrete stance.

“Those against the report want to create a narrative that the report will divide Kenyans,” he said.

He said already tribalism, nepotism and corruption have divided Kenyans.

He said that whether Kenyans go for a contested referendum and a consensus, the country will still remain divided.

He added that if the report is passed without further amendments to it it will bring sanity in all the Government sectors and also create a conducive environment for the development of democracy and strengthen the various instituitions in the Government.