Ayacko scores as Mahiri DG choice is backed by Mosenda, Robi and Nchagwa

STATEMENT Dated: Wednesday, 4th May 2022

Dear Comrades, colleagues, friends and supporters

We the under-signed, hereby confirm that after many months of wide consultations, Our Captain, Hon Dr Ochilo Ayacko finally unveiled his running mate in the forthcoming elections.We further wish to affirm the following:

1. That we are fully united as a team.

2. That we are individually and collectively committed to supporting Hon Dr Ochilo Ayacko to win in the August 2022 Elections.

3. We fully support the decision of our Candidate and our party in the nomination of Dr Joseph Mahiri Gimunta as Running Mate.

4. We wish to put to rest all speculations and untruths circulating on social media, and within our communities as we embark on the onerous task of supporting our Captain, Hon Dr Ochilo Ayacko on his journey towards being the second Governor of Migori County.

5. We continue with the process of building a formidable team and supporters that will oversee the campaigns of our Captain in Kuria and across the County.

We ask all of us to join in this important endeavor.

6. We call upon all the good people of Migori county to support Hon Dr Ochilo Ayacko as we all look forward to a great future for all of us.

Thank you all


1. Lucas Mosenda Chacha (Chair) 2. Dr Joseph Mahiri Gimunta

3. Rhoda Robi Nchagwa

4. Hon. Rahab Robi